Jessica & Rini

A Lifelong Dream

We have a total of 5 dogs including Rini and all of them except for one are rescues that we offered to take in instead of having them go to a shelter or a rescue organization. Rini, however, is a dog that I wanted to have, for me, because I’ve wanted to have a yorkie for the longest time. She’s my heart, my constant companion.

Before I got Rini, my mom had passed away not too long before and I was at a point where I really needed someone to need me back and to fill a hole in my heart. None of my dogs were too cuddly or clingy and I thought it was a good time to fulfill this dream I had had for a long time: Getting a yorkie.

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A Tough Search

At first, being a big rescue supporter, I looked for a rescued yorkie but I could not find a single one in Ottawa, so I turned to breeders for a yorkie puppy.

That turned out to be a tough search too.

I had a couple of close calls. For example, one breeder told me I could go see the puppies and at the last minute, said the dog was going to someone else. I realized after speaking with a few breeders that it was going to be a difficult search, but we eventually found the right breeder and when we did, we clicked. We’re actually also still in touch and they even came to Rini’s first birthday party!

ottawa pet photography - how i met my best friend - jessica and rini

Before Meeting Rini

Before I got Rini, I feel like I was struggling on my own to get past the grief of losing my mom, who was a big part of my life. She passed away after a long battle with MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and it was a very difficult process for my entire family.

Just before she passed away, I had also lost my dog that I had had since my childhood and I just felt lost.

I didn’t get Rini immediately after as I was still trying to cope, but I soon realized that I wasn’t getting past this grief and thought this might be something that could really help me move forward and give a light in my life - something positive that could also change my focus.

ottawa pet photographer - how i met my best friend - jessica and rini


When I first saw Rini, it was on the picture that the breeder had posted where the husband was holding three tiny puppies in his hands. When I went to meet her, Rini had just started to learn how to walk and she just stole my heart. We bonded right away. She suckled on my finger and my heart melted. She fell asleep in my hand and it was just so precious I knew my choice was made.

Today, Rini really is the light of my life.

I love all my other dogs as well but I find that our bond is really unique and special.

Rini knows when I’m sad or upset and is very good at staying close to me. I feel like our bond also evolved a lot since an accident that changed my health drastically. I fell on the ice, tore a ligament and not long after that in the same year, got into a car accident where I hurt my collarbone. I haven’t been able to return to work since and I’ve been very fortunate to have her. I’m also dealing with very bad neuropathy and anxiety and Rini also acts as my service animal and helps me get through the day. Lots of times when I have to go out, I’m so grateful to have her because when I’m in a lot of pain, I don’t think I’d be able to make it as easily as I can with Rini.

Rini always brings light into my day, but I feel like she does it to other people too.
When I go out with her, I notice so many people telling me: “Thank you for bringing her. I was having the worst day and now that you brought her here, she brightened up my day”.

She’s a ray of light to me and to everyone she meets.

1- Rini at the breeder’s when she was about 4 weeks old. 2- Rini shortly after she was brought home. (Photo Courtesy of Jessica)

1- Rini at the breeder’s when she was about 4 weeks old.
2- Rini shortly after she was brought home. (Photo Courtesy of Jessica)

Jessica’s rescue family (Photo Courtesy of Jessica).

Jessica’s rescue family (Photo Courtesy of Jessica).