Jessica & Rini

Before I got Rini, my mom had passed away not too long before and I was at a point where I really needed someone to need me back and to fill a hole in my heart. None of my dogs were too cuddly or clingy and I thought it was a good time to fulfill this dream I had had for a long time: Getting a yorkie.

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Ellis & Mac A. Roni

I met Mac A. Roni through Loyal Rescue in Ottawa. My aunt always had chihuahuas and I knew I wanted one too, especially considering the fact that I lived in an apartment. Mac is half Chihuahua half Pomeranian, but he ended up being perfect. He sheds like crazy!

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Nicole & Inara

It all started with my previous dog, Minnie.

Minnie was a little shitzu weighing only 9 lbs who always had the tip of her tongue sticking out. I called it The Blep.

I got Minnie from someone who wasn’t taking very good care of her. She was going to be put into a shelter as the owners didn’t have enough time for her. I had known Minnie since she was a puppy and so I decided to take her instead.

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Julie & Dillon

My Golden Retriever is my service dog.
Dillon was raised in a Colorado prison by an inmate and I flew to Kansas 2 years ago to be matched with him.

Dillon comes from a program called CARES but I was originally matched with an organization here called Paws Fur Thought, who provides service dogs to the Canadian military and RCMP veterans. Paws Fur Thought then contacts the organizations that have an available dog and that’s how I was matched with my best friend.

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