Laura-Lee & Currie

My husband is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran and got medically released for PTSD in 2015. It was very difficult when he came back from his deployment in Afghanistan. He’s had a lot of ups and downs and lost many friends there - deaths, bombings, ambushes. He was very different when he came back home. He has tried a lot of therapies: he’s tried equine therapy with horses, he’s gone on retreats, tried new medicines, new therapies, he’s tried everything.

At the end, we’ve decided to get a dog because we thought it would be good to have some moral support for him at home.

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Jessica & Rini

Before I got Rini, my mom had passed away not too long before and I was at a point where I really needed someone to need me back and to fill a hole in my heart. None of my dogs were too cuddly or clingy and I thought it was a good time to fulfill this dream I had had for a long time: Getting a yorkie.

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