April, Tink & Tito

Tito came to us from Marshall’s Dog Rescue and was found in a forest in Kentucky. He was then brought to New York States, Windsor and finally to Ottawa. His ultrasounds showed he had gravel and fur in his stomach, which lead to a massive abdominal surgery, also followed by a neuter and a teeth extraction. He’s hunched over right now but he used to be twice as bad and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t get euthanized. He is 10 years old now.

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The Montecristo Family

Montecristo is my first small dog, but I’ve owned larger breeds before, such as Belgian Bouviers. When my last Bouvier died, I went about 8 years without a dog for 2 reasons: their short lifespan was not something my heart could take anymore and I wanted to do some travelling - a LOT of travelling. Then, one day, I found out that small dogs could fly in cabin and I though “ok, well, that changes everything!”.

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Laura-Lee & Currie

My husband is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran and got medically released for PTSD in 2015. It was very difficult when he came back from his deployment in Afghanistan. He’s had a lot of ups and downs and lost many friends there - deaths, bombings, ambushes. He was very different when he came back home. He has tried a lot of therapies: he’s tried equine therapy with horses, he’s gone on retreats, tried new medicines, new therapies, he’s tried everything.

At the end, we’ve decided to get a dog because we thought it would be good to have some moral support for him at home.

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Jessica & Rini

Before I got Rini, my mom had passed away not too long before and I was at a point where I really needed someone to need me back and to fill a hole in my heart. None of my dogs were too cuddly or clingy and I thought it was a good time to fulfill this dream I had had for a long time: Getting a yorkie.

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Ellis & Mac A. Roni

I met Mac A. Roni through Loyal Rescue in Ottawa. My aunt always had chihuahuas and I knew I wanted one too, especially considering the fact that I lived in an apartment. Mac is half Chihuahua half Pomeranian, but he ended up being perfect. He sheds like crazy!

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Florence & Peanut

I love dogs. When I was in Haiti, I had many of them and I had been looking for another one to keep me company here. When I saw Peanut’s picture online, I knew right away she was the one.

I can’t tell exactly how old Peanut was when I got her, but the lady who had posted her already had a purse, a closet full of clothes for Peanut and accessories as well, which I found very odd. After I got her, I took her to the vet for a check up and on top of being very skinny, her teeth were all rotten. They ended up removing all but four of them, which we later found on the couch.

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Nicole & Inara

It all started with my previous dog, Minnie.

Minnie was a little shitzu weighing only 9 lbs who always had the tip of her tongue sticking out. I called it The Blep.

I got Minnie from someone who wasn’t taking very good care of her. She was going to be put into a shelter as the owners didn’t have enough time for her. I had known Minnie since she was a puppy and so I decided to take her instead.

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Emily & Oliver

I first started volunteering as a foster for a rescue organization in Ottawa called Freedom Dog Rescue.
When I went to pick up my first foster dog, Oliver tagged along as I had agreed to look after him for 4 hours until his foster mom would get off work.

I loved my little foster dog, but Ollie stuck to me like glue and didn’t want to be put down nor did he want to get walked.

I thought… I love this dog.

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Julie & Dillon

My Golden Retriever is my service dog.
Dillon was raised in a Colorado prison by an inmate and I flew to Kansas 2 years ago to be matched with him.

Dillon comes from a program called CARES but I was originally matched with an organization here called Paws Fur Thought, who provides service dogs to the Canadian military and RCMP veterans. Paws Fur Thought then contacts the organizations that have an available dog and that’s how I was matched with my best friend.

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