What to Feed a Picky Dog?

Since Leica has been staying with us, everything has been going uphill for her and I'm so proud of this little one! She now occasionally runs on walks, plays even more and despite her health issues that we are working on, she has been all smiles. 

Freedom Dog Rescue - Foster Dog Leica (Shitzu)

However, after over a month with her, there was still a tiny problem that I did not know how to deal with. 

Being the cute little princess that she is (although she looks more like a seal than a princess), Leica is an incredibly picky eater. No kibbles, no softened kibbles, no meat pieces mixed in nor canned food helped her eat. 

And I thought Benji was picky! 

Freedom Dog Rescue - Foster Dog Leica (Shitzu)

After many attempts at making her eat and daily struggles weighing her to make sure she wasn't losing too much weight, I decided to ask the people at our favorite downtown pet store, Cricket & Company, if they had a better suggestion for us. 

Did they ever. 

Right away, owner Kizil asked if I had tried tripe (say this 10 times), and I jumped on this offer. My mom and I used to buy tripe for our picky chihuahua family and they all loved it. As soon as we got home, I opened the can and mixed the tripe with the softened kibbles. 

Little seal devoured it. 

Tripett Canned Green Beef Tripe

Tripett Canned Green Beef Tripe

So What is Tripe?

Tripe comes in different forms (canned, dry, even raw) and flavors, but we will be focusing on the Original Formula that we usually buy, which is Green Beef Tripe. 

Green Beef Tripe is basically the stomach lining of a cow. It's called "green" because although the actual color is brownish, it has not been touched/treated for human consumption and is full of nutrients.  

According to the company (PetKind), it's great for picky eaters (that would be us) and sensitive stomachs, helps clean teeth, improves digestion, is both healthy & nutritious for puppies and rejuvenates old dogs. It can also be used as a food transition aid.  

Tripett Canned Green Beef Tripe

If you also have a picky eater, I would definitely recommend trying this product. 

Just don't pass out when you open the can. And I think you know what I mean. 

Just saying...