Leica's Happy Tails

This post is seriously overdue, but good news is good news! Leica is now my second foster dog to have successfully found her new kingdom (or should I say "queendom"?) and I couldn't be happier for this little goblin! 

About a month ago, Leica and I started being in touch with an amazing family that was interested in adopting her. I was hoping this would work out as Leica was in love with them and I was convinced she would do very well there. 

Fortunately, all the stars aligned and my little princess was ready to start her new adventure! 

Freedom Dog Rescue, Leica, Ottawa

At first, during the home visit, I was worried she would turn into a little piglet on steroids again like that time she came into my life, but instead, she just turned into a moderately excited little piglet, running around with a gigantic smile on her face. 

It was so rewarding to see how happy she was and how much she's changed over the days we had spent together. Leica is much more comfortable, less anxious in general and definitely ready for a new life. She's come a long, long way since that day she arrived into care all matted, covered in mud, poo and burrs and I knew now was her moment to shine! 

Freedom Dog Rescue, Ottawa, Foster Dog Leica

Leica has now found her perfect family. She has her perfect little yard, an amazing little girl to play with and a beautiful home that she can finally call hers. 

Happy Tails my little Leica, you have an amazing life waiting for you!