Quebec City Trip

We promise we have a good reason for having been absent for a while.
Benji and I just returned from beautiful Quebec City with his friend Daisy and my mom!

The last time I went to Quebec City was about a year ago with my students and I’ve been wanting to go back on my own free time to enjoy the food and take pictures that don’t involve selfies with students (although we secretly love them all, whatever they put us through during the school year!).

Quebec City with Dog, Old Quebec Petit Champlain

Quebec City was so full of tourists (yes, I’m aware I was one of them) but thankfully, we had the chance to secure a spot at the Hotel Pur Quebec early enough.

The hotel was located about 20 minutes away from Old Quebec, in a very cute neighborhood with boutiques along the street. The staff were great and Benji couldn’t be happier. He especially loved the sausages I sneaked out of the restaurant at breakfast! 

Quebec City with Dog, Old Quebec Petit Champlain 

We were lucky to even get one of the renovated rooms with a beautiful mural (see my Instagram page).

Despite all the food that we ate and the delicious wine that we drank (I’ll do another blog post about it soon), we probably lost all the calories we gained by walking. In the survey I completed for the hotel, I mentioned that the food was so good that my only regret was not having been able to use the swimming pool from fear of drowning from fullness.

The manager must have had a good laugh as I got a personal reply from him.
I am not even embarrassed about it.

The last picture is of this cat that was jumping up and down the window, desperately trying to take a peek at our 2 window-shopping pooches.

Quebec City with Dog