Benji's Foster Brother

I was surprised to notice today that it’s already been 4 weeks since Winnie came into our lives.

Winnie is Benji’s foster brother from Freedom Dog Rescue.

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue

Winnie has been sweet, easy and a great role model for Benji!

Since he got introduced to this intruder, Benji has been following his example and stepping out of his comfort zone by going to greet other dogs and walking better on a leash instead of asking to be carried all the time.

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue

Things that Winnie likes:

1- Food
2- Looking at me eating my food
3- Stealing my food when I’m not looking

Things that Winnie dislikes:

1- Being woken up to go pee
2- People who don’t share their food

Except for that one time when my toast magically disappeared while I left for 2 seconds, Winnie has been a great addition to the family and I get mixed feelings when I think of the day he will be in his furrever home.

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue

If you are interested in meeting Winnie, please go to the Freedom Dog Rescue Website for more information :)