Crazy Dog Lady

Although I used to live with 7 chihuahuas and 5 cocker spaniels back in Switzerland (and chickens… and tortoises… and guinea pigs… and… ok I should stop), I find that living with 3 dogs at the moment is still a struggle.

My mom’s chihuahua Daisy is currently staying with us and I swear I could make 3 more chihuahuas out of all the fur she’s losing in my apartment. She’s very sweet but refuses to pee outside for some reason, and for my own sanity, I gave up on trying to convince her otherwise.

Here she is, looking all innocent and all:

Long hair Chihuahua Dog Photography

If you have read my older posts, you must also know that I have a foster dog called Winnie. Winnie sleeps most of the day. Although he has a very special relationship with food, he’s very easy to take care of. BUT, taking care of 3 dogs that all have different personalities is not easy.

Freedom Dog Rescue Winnie

Winnie finally went to the vet for a checkup and we now know that his lumps and his difficulty pooping are both due to a hernia. The treatment that was suggested is for him to go on a diet control, but the great news is that other than that, this old guy is in good health overall. Way to go Pooh Bear!

Living with 3 dogs is definitely a lot of work, but the place is going to feel very empty when 2 of them are gone and we are all trying to create as many memories together as possible, like this time when we found this gorgeous door in our neighborhood!

Ottawa Photography

Or the time when Daisy found Benji’s favorite little tent and they both tried to squeeze in together…

Chorkie and Long Hair Chihuahua