Dog Friendly Ottawa: The Ottawa RibFest

Being that we’re both hopeless foodies, the Ottawa RibFest on Sparks street is something that Benji and I look forward to every year.

This year, Benji’s foster brother Winnie joined us as well.

Ottawa RibFest

The ribs we chose were from Silver Bullet and probably the best ones we’ve ever had from the festival. The BBQ sauce was tangy and sweet but well-balanced unlike many other BBQ sauces.

Benji got to try a few pieces of roast chicken and he got so excited I seriously thought his eyes would fall out.

Ottawa RibFest with Dog

Winnie, on the other hand, had to be watched closely.

Very, very closely.

This little guy cannot be trusted with food, and I learnt that the hard way when I realized one day that I wasn't having breakfast that morning.

He was still allowed to have a tiny piece of chicken as well, because he seems to have a sensitive stomach and often gets poo-poo problems.

Ottawa RibFest with Dog

We were also super excited to discover that Stella Luna had also set up a gelato cart there, so we got 2 scoops and got away from the smoke and the crowd to go sit on the grass in front of the Parliament.

Ottawa Stella Luna Gelato

By the time we sat down, the gelato was starting to melt, but this was hands down one of the best gelatos in the city… after Mantovani,  which stays my favorite.

Sorry, did I make you hungry?

Well here’s another picture from Mantovani.

Ottawa Mantovani Gelato

Now you can leave your couch and go get gelatos. You’re welcome.