A New Addition to the Fam

Benji and I are fosters for Freedom Dog Rescue, and about 2 weeks ago, we welcomed our second foster dog Winnie to the family.

Freedom Dog Rescue Ottawa

Isn’t he adorable?

Yes, I’m aware that “he” has a pink hat on, but we figured that this “no gender stereotype” thing was very IN right now. Fashion has no limit. And he’s lookin’ FLY.

Winnie initially came in named “Grandpa”, but as he didn’t even recognize his name, I decided that he deserved to be called Winnie. His vet asked if he was named “after a famous actor or something“, but I actually took it from Winnie-the-Pooh because of his slow, easy-going & affectionate personality.

Winnie even has a nickname: Pooh Bear.

Freedom Dog Rescue Ottawa

Winnie is believed to be about 10 and has been found matted and covered in fleas. Although he’s doing much better now, he does have a big lump on his butt and other smaller lumps on his body.

He’s therefore not available for adoption yet until he gets fully checked at the vet. However, he’s already attending some events and you can keep an eye on the Freedom website and Facebook page for updates.

As for Benji, he’s slowly becoming friends with Winnie.

Here’s a picture from his Instagram page, because who doesn’t love dogs and succulents? (And uncropped photographs…).

Benji the Chorkie with Succulent