Our Valentine's

It’s never too late for a Valentine’s day post!

Ottawa seems to slowly be expanding and new places are popping out left and right, which gives us even more reasons to explore the city.

For instance, coffee shops are definitely on the rise and I’ve had the chance to finally get to try this new cafe, located in the West end of the city.

Aquatopia is a greenhouse / water garden and they recently opened a cafe in it as well. Perfect to escape from the winter blues! The place is filled with plants and having coffee to the sound of the water flowing was enough for us to relax. Watching other customers smiling and looking at the koi fish swimming in the pond behind them was definitely a plus as well.

Aquatopia Conservatory Ottawa

They also serve light food and sweets (I secretly watched 2 people eat amazing-looking donuts… Correction: I only watched the donuts), so we went there for lunch and had a yummy vegan soup as well as a grilled eggplant sandwich. I’m not a fan of eggplants at all (long story…), so to have been able to convince me to eat them AND to think they were mouthwateringly delicious (if that’s even a word) means that you people have to head there yesterday.

As for my little twinkie (that’s the many nicknames that Benji has for not getting out of the skinny stage), it looks like he enjoyed the Valentin’s photoshoot that he’s had the other day… er… I think. As you can see.

Benji the Chorkie Valentine's Day with Dog

Just kidding. He was actually a very good boy, as usual :)

Benji the Chorkie - Valentine's Day with your Dog