Eating in Quebec City

Today, as promised, we will be focusing on FOOD!

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture every single thing we ate on camera as there were times when the food was already half gone by the time I realized I wanted a picture.


Hotel Pur Quebec, Restaurant Table

The first night we arrived, we decided to try out Les sales gosses, an excellent restaurant that you should definitely reserve in advance. Lucky for us, we made it in! On the downside, I was so excited that I have to confess I have 0 picture of it. 

I can tell you, however, that the medium-rare wagyu beef was made to perfection, the catch of the day was delicious and well-balanced and the chocolate cake floating in a pool of chocolate sauce was making me melt, not to mention the excellent wine they paired with our food. 

Hotel Pur Quebec City, Restaurant Table Shepherd's Pie

The second night, we were so tired from all the walking that we decided to stay at the hotel restaurant for dinner. 

The Shepherd's Pie with Duck was good, but what I loved the most was the Apple Fritters we had for dessert.

There's nothing better than a hot, fresh, out of the fryer apple fritter and I guess that statement just made me extra Canadian.   

Hotel Pur Quebec City, Restaurant Table, Apple Fritters