Dog Friendly Ottawa: Union Street Kitchen Cafe

Today was a beautiful day and my mom and I decided to explore a cafe in Ottawa that I had been wanting to try after reading about it on Narcity Ottawa.

This cute little cafe is located in New Edinburgh, well hidden in a nice and quiet residential area not too far from the downtown core. 

Obviously, Benji had to come with us.   

Dog Friendly Ottawa - Union Street Kitchen Cafe

When I first came to Ottawa from Switzerland, where pets were allowed everywhere including restaurants, I was shocked at how few places accepted dogs here. 

Well, let's just say how amazing this place was for not only being ok with Benji hanging out in his little bag, but also for including DOG TREATS on their menu and having a super cute Golden Retriever on site!

My happy discovery did not stop there. 

The 2 cakes we've tried were not loaded with sugar, leaving you wanting for more. 

Union Street Kitchen Cafe, Ottawa - Brownie

The brownie had a crispy outside that was not dry and the inside just melts in your mouth. It was closer to a Fondant au Chocolat.

The cappuccino tasted very good as well, having some acidity followed by the right amount of bitterness. The beans are organic and come from JJ Beans Coffee Roasters. Thumbs up to the barista who did not transform the milk into a sea of huge air bubbles like you see so often.     

Union Street Kitchen cafe, Ottawa - Banana Cinnamon Square

The Banana Cinnamon Square was simply delicious. VERY moist, crunchy and not overly sweet either. I'm a new fan.  

Dog Friendly Cafe in Ottawa: Union Street Kitchen Cafe

If I had to be that annoying person, the only thing I'd have to bring up is the temperature inside the shop. In the winter, there would be nothing more comforting. If you're planning on going in the summer though, when the ovens are running at full capacity, my advice would be to order an ice-cold frappuccino. 

All in all, this little cafe was a great find and we will definitely be back. Again and again. Until there are no more brownies left.