The Grounds Cafe, Stittsville

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit this nice cafe in Stittsville and thought I'd share my pictures and opinions on it. 

I was super excited to try this place out as the reviews were fairly good and the interior seemed rather fancy with wooden tables and sky-blue chairs.  

As expected, the place was spacious and elegantly-decorated and a big order counter was facing us at the end of the room. 

The Grounds Cafe Interior, Stittsville

We walked up to the register to order and despite the fact that there were quite a few people working there with no other customers to serve, nobody greeted us until one finally made eye-contact... and passed right by us without saying a word. 

One lady decided it was time to take our order and came to see us, but seemed clearly bothered by the fact that we were there. By that point we didn't want to stay anymore, but we took a chance and ordered 2 lattes and a carrot cake after the lady rudely answered us that the prices were marked "right there on the package" when we actually asked what kind of cookies they were.  

The Grounds Cafe, Stittsville

We chose a cozy little booth and sipped on our lattes. The fact that their beans are from Equator Coffee Roasters had given me something to look forward to, but the barista's skills were simply not a match and I felt like the beans were ruined. The carrot cake was average and tasted like something you would find at any coffeehouse chain.   

The Grounds Cafe, Stittsville

I was hoping we would find a new hangout place and although this cafe has a lot of potential, it unfortunately didn't leave much desire for us to return.