Mod Bone Wood Puzzle Dog Toy Review

We have been swamped and a lot has happened since we last showed sign of life, so we figured we would introduce you guys to this new toy that Benji recently got!

I found this dog toy at HomeSense and although I didn't buy it the first time, I knew that Benji would love it and got it for him on my second visit there when I saw it was still sitting on the same shelf as the time before. 

This game is basically a puzzle for dogs. 

I know. These Millennials. They have amazing stuff.  

Anyway, here's a glimpse of it:

Review of Mod Bone Wood Puzzle for Dogs

The main piece is made of wood and the colored puzzle pieces are brightly colored with pet-safe paint. It also looks like they chose the colors to match what dogs can see so that they can distinguish them apart, although I would have to ask Benji if that's true. 

Review of Mod Bone Wood Puzzle for Dogs

Benji loves this game and whenever I ask him if he wants to play "the puzzle game", he runs to the box no matter what he's doing at the time. He doesn't like to go for walks a lot, so this is a great stimulation for him. 

Review of Mod Bone Wood Puzzle for Dogs

How would we rate this product? We tried to organize our thoughts in a few categories:

Design: Simple and clean. I wish the puzzle pieces were designed in a way that it would be easier for the dog to knock them over. Benji is able to slide the middle pieces, but he is too small to take out the 4 others that are placed around the central piece, so he lets me know where the treat is hidden by scratching on the puzzle piece. A bigger dog would most likely have no issue with that. 

Material: Washable but the wood seems to only be sealed to some extent. I also noticed some wood shavings coming off (very minimal). 

Safety: Know your dog. It is a rather safe game, but I am sure that some dogs could try munching on the puzzle pieces or even choke. I'd strongly recommend to supervise your dog closely and to store the game away in a safe area when you are not using it. 

Price: I got it for 14.99$CDN at HomeSense, which I personally think is fair. 

Ease to Learn: Benji is a smart dog and caught on very quickly, but he is also young and rather playful, which helped him learn it fast. My foster dog Winnie, on the other hand, is a senior who LOVES treats but who doesn't care about any kinds of toys. He was very happy standing next to the game looking at me and hoping I would show him where the treat was hidden. You know your furry friend best so it is up to you to decide if this would make him/her happy :) 

Overall, we would rate this product a 4/5.  

Review of Mod Bone Wood Puzzle for Dogs