Welcome Leica!

After Winnie went to his furever home, I thought I wouldn't get another foster for a while. 

Surprise surprise! A week later, my new foster Leica was already running around my place like a little piglet on steroids (she's a shitzu and makes these cute snorting sounds).

Leica was found as a stray and had to be moved into foster care asap as she was curled up at the back of her kennel and refused to eat anything. She must have had a rough life as she was terrified of everyone and everything at first. 

On the first day, she raced around the apartment in circles panting and pooping, refusing to let me pet her. By the second day, she had calmed down quite a bit and although I couldn't pet her yet, she started sleeping and eating normally. 

Fast forward to 2 weeks later... 

Look at this gigantic smile! Even Julia Roberts wouldn't be able to beat this. 

Leica - Foster Dog from Freedom Dog Rescue, Ottawa

Leica is getting more and more comfortable by the day. Although she still sometimes thinks I'm going to hit her when I reach out my hand to pet her, she now trusts me more and seems quite happy to get some love. She acts happy when I'm back home, wags her tail when it's time to go out and has even started playing with her toys! 

Her favorite hobby is to run after her ball, dive in on it and roll around. She's very smart. Figured out how massage balls work all by herself. 

Leica - Foster Dog from Freedom Dog Rescue, Ottawa

She has also learnt how to use stairs and her weak hind legs that used to make her fall over are gaining lots of muscle strength from running and playing! That's some Rocky training right there.

Her superpower is snoring. The ability to wake anybody up from their deepest sleep cycle. 

She likes to sleep with her tongue out, but what she loves most of all is to follow you everywhere and to have staring contests with you. 

Leica - Foster Dog from Freedom Dog Rescue, Ottawa

Leica was named after the camera so that she can capture many happy memories from now on. 

If you think Leica could be your new best friend, or if you know someone, please contact Freedom Dog Rescue in Ottawa and check out her complete profile on their Facebook page. 

Leica - Foster Dog from Freedom Dog Rescue, Ottawa