Winnie's Happy Tails

It finally happened! My sweet foster Pooh Bear found his furever home at last. 

On the way to drop him off, I felt like I was betraying him. There he was, following me like he always used to do. At the corner that we take to head back home, he stopped and tried to take his usual route. Instead, we continued walking to where my car was parked. He looked confused but went on to walk behind me.

And I just kept telling myself that this was a good thing. That he finally found his family. That he was finally going to be where he was supposed to be all along. And it is. I am truly happy that Winnie was able to find such a great person to spend the rest of his life with, because he deserves it so much. 

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue Alumni, Winnie

At his new home, everything went really well. His new mom had everything ready, from the comfiest bed of all time to his new, shining dog collar tag, engraved with the name "Winston", hanging from his brand new blue collar. Everything just made me so happy and I was so relieved to know that this little guy will be getting so. much. love.  

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue Alumni, Winnie

His Majesty the Pooh seemed very pleased as well and went to look down at his kingdom from his new balcony.

One last hug and I left, looking for as long as possible into the car's back mirror, watching the ball of fur become tinier and tinier until it finally disappeared.

I did it, I thought. I didn't want to cry so he wouldn't have to worry, and I went through my first adoption with a smile on my face. 

It wasn't until today that it finally hit me. 

There wasn't a butt shaking at the entrance when I came home. 

No one was stuck to me while I had dinner. 

There was no bedtime preparation to be done anymore.

I remembered that I could leave my food on the table now, because there was nobody to steal it.  

So I held Benji. And I cried for the first time since I left him.  

Ottawa Freedom Dog Rescue Alumni, Winnie

Happy Tails Winnie, you have an amazing life waiting for you! 

"You might be temporary in their lives.
They might be temporary in yours.
But there is nothing temporary
About the love, or the lesson."
- Tonia Christle-