Dog Friendly Ottawa: Nordstrom

We love it when businesses open their doors and heart to pets! We have been focusing on dog friendly coffee shops and restaurants in Ottawa, but Benji and I figured it was time we started introducing other non food related stores that allow pets. 

Here's our first one!

Dog Friendly Ottawa - Nordstrom Rideau Centre

Nordstrom is a department store located in the Rideau Centre. The interior is always clean, people are friendly and always welcoming, so Benji and I are here very often, even if it's just to walk around! Sometimes we happen to see something we like and purchase it.. so... business owners of Ottawa that don't allow dogs... keep this in mind (hint hint). 

Dog friendly Ottawa, Nordstrom Rideau Centre

Why do we like Nordstrom?

1. Pets are Allowed

Need we say more?

2. Amazing Return Policy

Nordstrom also has a great return policy so it makes us more comfortable to buy some products here. Most articles are on the expensive side (or straight up "I'm-going-to-be-homeless-for-a-year" expensive) but some are definitely worth spending the money on.

3. Friendly Staff

We are here so often that we think we should just set up a tent and move in. Regardless, the staff is always friendly (or is it because Benji's always with me?) and it makes us want to return every time. 

4. Gift Card Purchases Help Non-profits

Did you know that if you buy gift cards from Nordstrom, 1% of the sales goes to local non-profit organizations? Benji and I think we should start buying gift cards to pay for our own purchases... 

Dog friendly Ottawa, Nordstrom Rideau Centre

5. Bathrooms

This is going to be a very "Ottawa" thing to say, but  I just have to mention how clean and nice the bathrooms are. When I'm downtown and nature calls, yes, I admit it. I will make the longest detour to use the bathrooms at Nordstrom. There, I said it. I know I'm not the only one looking for clean bathrooms downtown either, so you're welcome. 

6. The Food

Bazille, the restaurant located inside Nordstrom is actually very good. The atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is friendly and it's just a great place to sit down and relax. The crab bisque is my favorite, but make sure you tell them to go easy on the seasoning as they oversalt it. Other than that, great place! (Unfortunately no pets are allowed, so make sure to leave Fido home this time).  

Dog friendly Ottawa, Nordstrom Rideau Centre

I hope this post helps all of you dog owners out there! The only downside is that you have to go through the Rideau Centre to access Nordstrom. Since Rideau is not pet friendly, I suggest you take the Mackenzie King Bridge to enter the store. 

Also, please be a responsible dog owner and only bring your best friend if he or she is friendly and well-behaved. 

Have fun!