Summer Mini with Serena the Chiweenie

Last Friday was the perfect day for a mini-session after a horrible heat wave that lasted about a week! I had been telling Benji that he was going to meet "Serena the Wan-Wan" for days. "Wan-wan" is baby talk for "dog" in Japanese and Benji clearly understood (or so I'd like to think). 

This mini-session was the first time I photographed a stranger's dog and charged a very small amount for it, so I could feel the pressure before, during and after the shoot! I can't thank Serena and her mom enough for making the whole experience so relaxing and letting us have so much fun. 

Serena O'Connor 7 (logo).jpg

The day before, at the same time the portrait session was scheduled the next day, we went and had a look at the location to have a feel for the lighting situation there and all the potential spots we could use. It was the first time for us in the park and we'll definitely have to go back! For those of you wondering, it's located in the Glebe and is called Central Park (or I think Patterson Creek as well?). If your dog likes to make new friends, this is a nice little area that allows on-leash dogs to walk around during certain times of the week.

Serena O'Connor 8c (logo).jpg

Serena is a little Chiweenie mix that got rescued from Texas Chihuahua Rescue. She was such a sweet, photogenic dog and she aced the portrait session! Her facial expressions and squinty eyes were the best and made me melt every single time. Even Benji who chooses his friends very carefully (which means he only has 2 dog friends...) decided she wasn't going to swallow him whole and let her sit next to him. If anything, it would have been the other way round.

Serena O'Connor 10 (logo).jpg

All in all, we had an amazing time and I learnt SO MUCH from this session. I also have a new lens on my wish list and I have a feeling I will be getting it very soon as I'm in LOVE with it. 

Many special thanks to Leslie Yeow for giving me tips to make this happen :) Please check out his work, he takes gorgeous pictures!

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