Byward Barket 2019

The Byward Barket is an event for dogs that takes place in Ottawa every year and Benji and I never miss it! This year, Tofu (our newest addition to the family) was able to make it too and although I had to leave early due to my allergies (I have this love-hate relationship with spring), we all had tons of fun as usual.

Chihuahuas in the Byward Market, Ottawa

This year, however, I was lucky to also be part of the Byward Barket because I attended as the official pet photographer for the day! Not only that, I got to partner up with this beautiful local flower shop in the Byward Market that Benji and I LOVE by offering hand-made FLOWER CROWNS for the photos! The best part is, all the proceeds went to Homes for Paws Dog Rescue. Check them out!

Ottawa Fleurissant - Paper Papier

Aaaand here is the result!

Ottawa Byward Barket, Paper Papier Flower Crowns

This is Kammie who came to support us!

Dog photography tip #1: If pupper is being uncooperative, suggest to have said pupper in the owner’s arms.

Obviously, don’t try this with a St. Bernard but it works 99% of the time and in this case, I absolutely loved the color palette with the baby blue shirt and the bright colored flowers. I’m super happy with the result.

Next up is Andy the Corgipoo!

Byward Barket Ottawa, Corgi Poodle Mix

Although she looked stunning with her flower crown, Andy was not having it so I had to be fast but I think her picture turned out great anyway. What do you guys think?

Dog Photography Tip #2: If pupper is being uncooperative, be FAST but also change your angle!

In Andy’s case, she didn’t like having something on her so kept lowering her head and trying to get rid of this thing. What I did notice though was that she kept eye contact with her human most of the time (what a loyal dog. Benji would have run the other direction and left me behind). This lead me to try moving right next to the owner and shoot from her point of view so that Andy would be looking at her - AND me. Yes, sometimes we have to be in your bubble. A lot.

Sometimes, you get these dogs that descended from heaven and let you do anything to them.

Meet Bella the Doodle! She was definitely one of them.

Ottawa Byward Barket, Golden Doodle flower crown

She sat facing the camera, wore her crown like a champ and even smiled for us. What else could you ask for?! Other than that cute bandana, honestly nothing else.

Raylee was also a fantastic model and sat there with a huge grin & her beautiful flower crown and owned it.

Ottawa Byward Barket, Paper Papier Flower Crown

The only issue with Raylee was that she is a black dog. Black and white, yes, but mostly black and there are 2 colors in dogs that are harder to photograph: Black dogs and white dogs. Which brings me to…

Dog Photography Tip #3: Make sure your black dog is backlit or find a good source of light to have all the details stand out.

Because if you don’t… you’ll end up with a ball of black fur.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by at the Byward Barket and please go to my Facebook page to see more pictures of this series!