Dog Friendly Ottawa: Westboro Fuse

Who else went to Westboro Fuse this year? Benji and I visited yesterday with his 2 BFFs, Daisy and Peach. The weather was amazing and after all the walking, barking and tail-wagging, they were all snoring by the time we got back to the car.

Dog friendly Ottawa: Peach at the Westboro Fuse

A lot of other pooches were enjoying the festival too and we all had tons of fun, although we were a bit disappointed there weren't as many finger foods compared to the previous years (when I believe it was still called WestFest). The main reason we went was to get some oysters at the Savoy Brasserie and perogies from House of Targ. Unfortunately, Savoy told us they would only start selling the oysters at 3PM and House of Targ wasn't even there.

Oh well, the lasagna and pizza from Pietro's Corner were still ok. At least Benji seems to think so.  

Dog friendly Ottawa: Benji at the Westboro Fuse

Little old Daisy had to take a break from walking and decided our grocery basket was the perfect fit, so I called her the "picnic grandma". She stared at me with a very judgemental look.

Dog Friendly Ottawa: Daisy at the Westboro Fuse

It was a nice day to explore the neighborhood and the dogs seemed to enjoy it a lot, but I do miss WestFest and all the additional booths they had to offer. Will we be back next year? Not until more food vendors are present ;)